We offer a range of services to help you along on your path to a healthier lifestyle. We are happy to customize any of our offerings to meet your needs. Please read below or download a PDF of our color brochure.



Workshops can be held as a single offering or combined to create a custom series. We welcome input that will enable us to tailor the presentation to meet your group’s needs. The workshops are excellent for libraries, civic groups, garden clubs and more!

Programs include time for questions, menu samples, and hands-on activities. All recipes are free of dairy and gluten, and are determined by local seasonal offerings.

Natural Living:

We often unwittingly bring chemicals into our homes in the guise of body-care, cleaning products, and household goods. Come learn about safe and easy alternatives!  The class will make an all-purpose cleaner to take home.

Make Your Own Milk Alternative:

Join us to explore the scrumptious world of non-dairy milks, which take only minutes to prepare in any kitchen. These milks can be used anywhere you would use dairy milk – in cereal, baking, coffee/tea, smoothies and more. We will make and sample a variety of homemade nut and seed milks.

Supercharge with Raw Foods

Learn to prepare raw foods that will delight your taste buds, fill your belly and serve up an optimal amount of nutrients. This workshop includes demonstrations and tastings of quick and easy recipes using only a food processor or blender.

Exciting Salads

Think outside the box and toss spectacular salads that wow your family and friends. Consider introducing different greens, herbs, wild edibles and more to your salad bowl and learn guidelines for creating dressings that will make your tongue sing.  Each student will get to sample a non-traditional salad.

Sustainable Gardening

Grow the most local food of all: nutrient-dense foods no matter where you live. Topics include lasagna gardening, composting, growing sprouts, organic pest control and more. Participants will go home with materials for sprouting.

Eating for Optimal Health

Many health problems, including diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity, are due to the foods we eat. Come learn tips and recipes for cooking meals with nutrient-dense alternatives including quinoa, millet and superfoods.  Tasting included.

Decadent Desserts

We will make two whole foods, gluten-free vegan desserts with the class using basic recipes that can be adapted into many variations. We will discuss essential techniques and ingredients used to build more nutritious yet delicious treats free of gluten, dairy, soy and processed ingredients. Dishes demonstrated will include recipes such as seasonal cheesecake, chocolate pot de creme, key lime mousse or almond flour chocolate chip cookies.

Home Parties:

We offer any of our workshops, including some topics not listed, that can be customized to the interests of your small private group. For all home parties, the host is free with 10 or more paid participants, and two dishes will be available for tasting.

Crunchybits Just 4 You

Kitchen Makeover:

During this personalized in-home coaching experience, we will examine your current diet and discuss your nutritional goals. We will help you reorganize your kitchen to make healthy meal prep a breeze.  Learning how to use whole foods efficiently in the kitchen makes transitioning to a healthier lifestyle easier.

Private Food Prep Lessons:

For one or two people, we will briefly cover basic nutrition guidelines and then it’s time to get busy learning various techniques, substitutions (for allergies or boosting nutrition) and recipes for delicious, healthy go-to dishes that will help you eat more veggies! You come away from these lessons with some new kitchen skills, recipes, and the completed dishes to enjoy in the days to follow.