Celery Soup

Sabrina already issued our official greetings, but since this is my first post, I’ll reiterate how excited we are to share our passions with you all. Feel free to comment often and let us know what you think, or tip us off about something! Now, let’s make some soup!

I was hungry today and there weren’t many options for ingredients in my fridge. Jinjee had sent this around as part of her Daily Raw newsletter, and since I did have celery, avocado and lemon, I thought I’d give it a try.

becoming celery soupCelery Soup

Blend up:
1 bunch of celery
1 avocado

Stir in:
juice of 1 to 2 lemons
dash of olive oil or flaxseed oil
salt to taste (1/4 tspn)
season to taste (dash of rosemary, tarragon, sage)

Optionally, warm in saucepan on lowest heat for two minutes, til it is just warm, not hot…

My changes: I used 1 Meyer lemon (definitely a different flavor, but all I had), added a couple cloves of garlic, I didn’t have any herbs, and I just put it all in the blender, instead of dividing it. The texture was light and fluffy — almost like a frosting. Got me thinking about a shredded veggie/nut or seed sort of cake with this as frosting…  I’m not sure the soup would come out like that if I hadn’t added the oil, lemon etc to the blender.

celery soup with red peppers and onionI also chopped some red pepper and a little onion into the bowl once I’d blended and poured because I like to chew my soups and even when cooked I shy away from pureed soups, or only puree half. But that’s my idiosyncrasy. You might enjoy it without the peppers. I would also consider adding some crushed red pepper to spice it up a little and make it more warming, though the garlic did add some of that effect itself.

I left the ingredients out on the counter for a while before I got around to making soup, but I also blended it long enough to give it a little warmth. I could see it being lovely in the summer if served cold too, but I did like it warm in the winter, and the avocado makes it feel very rich and filling.

all mixed upUpdate 2/28: I have really been enjoying this soup lately, dumping in loads of garlic — kiss me kiss me kiss me! — and cayenne to make it really warming. I also added some dried parsley and tarragon, but didn’t notice a huge change in flavor. But I love it as it is. One day I added it to the blender that already had some olive oil, cayenne, honey and salt and the honey added a nice dimension as well. But since I already get enough honey in my diet and I like the soup without it, I don’t add it regularly. I have mixed in nutritional yeast as well and like it blended in the soup or sprinkled on top. The buckwheat crunchies or crumbled up flax crackers would make a nice topping as well.

I think fresh cilantro would take this soup to a whole new level, and you could add a touch of cumin, chili powder and lime instead of the lemon, or a fresh jalapeno for some heat.  Good for your next taco night! It would also lend itself to being a flavorful sauce or veggie dip as well. And I’m still working on the concept of a veggie cake with this as frosting… cake for dinner! Yee haw!


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