Spicy Green Goodness Dressing

A friend just lent me Victoria Boutenko’s new book Raw Family Signature Dishes. It has a lot of pictures showing each step along the way to making a recipe making it fabulous for beginners and those of us who like to oogle over food photos! The only drawback is that the ingredients and measures are listed on the first page so it is a lot of page flipping while making some of the recipes. The recipes are ones that seem sure to please so it is a small price of page flipping.
I started with her dressing recipe which is a gorgeous green! It has very little fat and is packed full of green herb goodness!

1/2 cup lemon juice (about 2 lemons)
1/4 cup olive oil
1 TBS raw agave nectar
1 inch piece ginger unpeeled
1-2 hot peppers
1 bunch fresh parsley or dill
1 tsp sea salt

juice lemons and put juice in blender along with agave and olive oil. Chop ginger and add to blender. De-stem hot pepper(s) and add to blender along with sea salt. Add parsley or dill. You may need to chop your herbs unless you are using a high speed blender like the vitamix. Blend well and pour into a dressing jar. Makes about 1 1/2 cups. Will keep for one week in fridge.

What I did:
I used apple cider vinegar instead of lemons and raw local honey in place of agave. I used one hot pepper and Oooo, baby it was spicy enough. I used parsley which is great for digestion. Ginger is also a digestive aid and good for tummy aches. You will notice Victoria likes to leave the peel on a lot of ingredients. There is often a lot of nutrients found in the peels.
I loved the dressing on the salad I made immediately following making the dressing but even more the next day! You will find that raw dishes often change the next day or within hours due to the flavors melding together.
This dressing is a bit too spicy for the kiddos but my husband and I loved it.
If you are interested, remember you can always go to “bodega” on our site to purchase any of the books or items we reference.
Thanks, El for letting me sneak peek your new book! It is ooo-la-la delicious!