I used to love family night at our house as a kid. We would get out our milkshake maker and load it up with cow’s milk, ice cream, ice cubes and some fruit or we would also make root beer floats.

I went in the fridge the other day and realized the almost still full pitcher of homemade almond milk needed to get used right now or it will have to visit the world below the drain. So, I decided to start the day with a yummy treat for the kids. Strawberry milk shake time!

This was so easy and packed with good stuff and very filling! I poured about 6 cups of milk in the Vita-Mix with close to 2 cups of frozen strawberries, 6 pitted dates and 1 TBS maca (optional), whizzed it up and served!

It was so delicious, we all came back for seconds. For me, I should probably have this mid day as it was very filling and I do better with light in the morning which is true for most of us as that is when we are breaking our fast and digestion is just waking up as well. The kids do well with a heavier morning meal so it worked well for them and they stayed full for awhile which is always a challenge when we just have fruit in the morning.

The milkshake is so versatile and begs for you to be creative. For vanilla, use milk, add frozen banana and 2 tsp vanilla. For chocolate, add about 2 TBS cacao powder and a frozen banana. Throw in some mint with the chocolate one for mint chocolate chip. Top with cacao nibs for an extra treat. All can be topped with buckwheat crunchies as well.