Lunches On The Go

In an effort to eat healthier and save money, my husband has tarted taking his lunch to work with him. Some days we just do soup. I have been buying the Dr. McDougall’s which comes in a paper box. It is my top choice at the moment because it is a BPA free container! They also have many gluten and dairy free soup choices which is important to me.

Most days, I try to send a homemade lunch. I need it to be filling and something he can eat on the run. I am always on the hunt for good to go containers for this reason. Right now we use our tiffins. I am fairly pleased with these. It has 3 sections to fill. The top section has it’s own lid so I can put soup in it or another liquidy option and it will not leak. The bottom two do not have their own lid but use the bottom of the section above it. The bottom section has long clips to hold the whole contraption together. They are bit cumbersome when opened but this is a minor setback.

Todays tiffin included cookies made with leftover almond pulp, flax meal, dates, cinnamon and other yummy stuff that were then dehydrated. I put those in the bottom part. In the middle went some cheezy almonds. On top I put mesclun topped with fantastic fajita marinated veggies with a little extra dressing. Of course he takes a big stainless steel thermos of water as well that he can refill during the day.

The goal for me is to pack in the nutrition and to fill him up. I like to pack things like todays cookis and almonds that give him some power packed nutrition and are filling.

Happy travels!


  1. says

    Okay, the two of you need to open a prepared raw-food store ~ I’ll be your first customer!

  2. Sabrina says

    Kate and Misha you are too kind! Ooooo, that would be so fun. River was just asking me that things make me happy and one of my tops is preparing food and seeing people enjoying it!