Pretty In Purple

I love to get new raw books from the library! For a change, I decided to start making more recipes out of the many raw books on my own shelf. What a novel idea, eh? So, it was time to go grocery shopping again and I went to the shelf and picked Ani Phyo as my author of choice this time around. I bookmarked several recipes I want to make and am concentrating aon a couple a week.

I am always leery of kale salad recipes because I LOVE the one that I currently make and have tried many others and none have held up to the one tried and true recipe that makes everyone in my house go goo goo for kale and may I add, is the most passed on recipe I have. In her book Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen is one titled Cabbage Kale Slaw In Simple Greek Dressing. It is so simple and I really dig this way to use kale!

Pretty In Purple Salad

  • 1/2 head kale, any type, destemmed (I used curly)
  • 1/4 head red cabbage (Iused 1/2 a head)

simple Greek dressing

  • 2 TBS apple cider vinegar
  • 1/4 c. olive oil
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • 1 tsp thyme

Thinly slice the kale and cabbage and place in a mixing bowl. Place the dressing ingredients in the bowl and toss well. Eat right away or set aside to marinate and soften.

I had also added a couple cloves of garlic to the dressing. I put the dressing ingredients in the Vitamix to blend and then poured it on the slaw and massaged it to aid in softening the veggies since the dinner bell was going to ring soon.

Fantastic and pretty! Just right and perfect for lunch the next day. I even sent some into to work with my hubby and he ate it all up, yum!

The dressing recipe is like an extra special bonus. It is so good and really tastes like Greek dressing. It calls out for further experimenting to make a big Greek salad with greens, olives, grape tomatoes and dare I say a raw feta to crumble on top!


  1. sioux says

    I just made this for dinner and it was a hit with everyone, adults and kids alike. I added green cabbage and tomatoes (and would probably have added hemp seeds if I weren’t out) and it was delicious! I’d definitely like to try it with some olives and perhaps peppers some time, but one of the beautiful things about it is the simplicity. That, and garden kale! YUM