Farmer’s Market Time

It’s summer and I’m lovin’ it!

It seems that now is the time that there is so much raw goodness out there and available. Just in your own backyard there is enough to create lovely salads and add-ins to smoothies to make one smile.

A favorite activity of ours is going pickin’!! We love going berry and fruit picking to eat up the sun-kissed fresh fruit. I love seeing the kids explore the farms and see how the food grows. Is it a tree, a bush, low to the ground? What do the leaves of the plant look like?

The plan is always to pick enough to freeze. We haven’t quite been able to accomplish this because we eat every last little berry we pick. It is also a good lesson in what is in season and local to us.

Another high point for us is the local farmer’s markets. They are all so different from one another. A favorite used to be Coventry Farmer’s market when we lived closer to it. Lots of great vendors including our very close friend Hurricane Farm!! Coventry also has guest speakers and it is so fun filled.

Now we are in a different location and we have been checkin’ out the scene. My new favorite is Ashlawn Farm in Lyme, CT. They are open Fridays from 3-6pm and Saturday am 9-noon. There are two organic vendors with fantastic veggies and flowers.  Hidden Brook Gardens is a new favorite. They have lush greens and are passionate about what they do. I have gotten some great tips about growing and different ways to use the produce.  The Hay House has gorgeous flowers and extras of greens and veggies that have not gotten used for their CSA. Scott’s is not organically certified but uses organic sprays when possible and has a huge variety of fruits and veggies. They are happy to answer questions about their goods and their practices. There is yet another vendor that is not organic and does uses sprays I care not to partake of so be sure to ask. They also have fresh baked items as well as a fresh seafood vendor and meat vendor. Ashlawn farm is a beautiful farm that is super friendly and it is fun to sit on a chair or blanket after getting your goods to watch the animals or go into their little store to buy a fresh made smoothie.

Get into the swing and find your local farmer’s markets and go check them out. Be sure to visit all the local ones as they truly are each unique and offer different goods.

So, What is your favorite market?