Compromise: Cato Corner

Having been what I refer to as “bread ‘n dairy” vegetarians for several years (not the healthiest diet since it can be very low in fresh fruits and veggies), we do miss cheese and homemade bread occasionally. We avoid dairy and gluten because all of us don’t feel well when eating either regularly,  but we find things made with one or both everywhere we go.

Post-sports season pizza parties.

Birthday parties.

Family gatherings.

And the list goes on.

My kids do care about making healthy choices, but often find it hard to resist treating themselves to whatever is on hand and just suffer the belly ache and blahs later. I found myself wishing for better quality dairy products than were often involved. This didn’t seem like a good solution.

So, we talked it over and struck a deal. Once a month, we would get some local cheese and wheat flour and make somethings that showcase both ingredients over the weekend. During the rest of the month, we would keep it primarily  gluten-free vegan.

Because I support such endeavors where possible and because fresh is best, I prefer that our dairy be local and raw where possible from humanely treated cows.  Cows who hang out in large fields of grass, nibbling away the day.  In this, we are blessed to live not too far from a true Connecticut gem — Cato Corner Farm in Colchester, CT.

The tasting is by far the highlight of the experience. Delightful, knowledgeable people in the little shop will help you taste and select some wonderful cheese.

We like most of  their cheeses, but some of our favorites tend to the sharper end of the spectrum: Aged Bloomsday, Wise Womanchego (seasonal, I think), Molto Vivace, and Jeremy River Cheddar.

I like to be sure that we serve the cheese with lots of fresh fruits and veggies. This pleasing array includes Mary’s Gone Crackers, apple slices, red pepper pieces, watermelon and honeydew, strawberries and kale.

Sometimes we make sandwiches, or have soup, toast and salad for a quick, simple yet satisfying meal. Next month I’m thinking corn-chive waffles or pancakes — tho no cast iron waffle irons here  — (hmm, or maybe grilled corn bread; I’ll have to work out the details) topped with black bean chili and Jeremy River Cheddar, crema (in the guise of Velvety Smooth Cream Sauce), and  homemade salsa! Can’t wait!

Eat your rainbow!