Scrumptious Socca (gluten-free flat bread)

socca ingredients

I have a confession to make. I don’t care for most gluten free baked goods. I’ve tried everything from homemade bread to cupcakes from Babycakes in NYC. But I find that there’s a strange flavor that doesn’t work for me. Never mind that it doesn’t seem right to measure starch by the cupful. Before we… 

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Grapefruit Avocado Fennel Salad

Sometimes I menu plan and find that life has interrupted and things don’t get made according to the plan. Adding insult to injury, ingredients get used in different recipies, leaving a random collection of their brethren behind. Part of me really enjoys the challenge this presents. And this salad is one of the successes born… 

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Just Wingin It radio show interview

Back in March, we joined Victoria Rose DeAngelis on her radio show “Just Wingin’ It” to chat about transitioning to a more healthful diet and becoming an educated consumer. We discuss oodles of tips and resources that will help you move forward improving your diet. We mention the resources to the right of this post… 

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Homemade Refried Beans – no BPA!

pinto bean puree

My kids looove their refried beans. It’s one of the few foods we regularly buy that are in cans likely lined with BPA. The Eden brand ( BPA free cans for most non-tomato products) refried beans can be bland and stiff compared to Amy’s or WF 365 brand. Tho a good starting point (if you… 

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Delicious & Filling Fresh Rolls

I have been dreaming of making  Thai Wraps again for dinner (post coming soon). My hopes were dashed, however, when I discovered that my children breakfasted on the  mangoes required by the wrap recipe, leaving none for dinner. Being too busy otherwise to go to the store, I moved on. Onto Plan B, with many… 

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Summer Pizza and Pesto!

I love the bounty of summertime and basil is one of the tops for me. First of all, I think it is such a beautiful plant. The green of the leaves, the delicious aroma and the possibilities in the kitchen that are endless. It is part of the mint family nd in Greek, basil means… 

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