Scrumptious Socca (gluten-free flat bread)

socca ingredients

I have a confession to make. I don’t care for most gluten free baked goods. I’ve tried everything from homemade bread to cupcakes from Babycakes in NYC. But I find that there’s a strange flavor that doesn’t work for me. Never mind that it doesn’t seem right to measure starch by the cupful. Before we… 

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Grapefruit Avocado Fennel Salad


Sometimes I menu plan and find that life has interrupted and things don’t get made according to the plan. Adding insult to injury, ingredients get used in different recipies, leaving a random collection of their brethren behind. Part of me really enjoys the challenge this presents. And this salad is one of the successes born… 

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Snowy sweets

So we’ve just had a blizzard! Record-breaking amounts of snow fell across the state today — even bigger totals than in the Blizzard of ’78 that I vaguely remember. So how do I propose to deal with the huge amount of snow in my yard!? Melt it all by cooling maple candy on it! We… 

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Free Thanksgiving Ebook

This is amazing!! Heidi and Justin over at Raw Food Right Now sent a most gracious email with an offering you will truly be Thankful for this Thanksgiving! I love that Heidi and Justin are truly real people trying to survive eating raw in a not so raw food society. They always have great tips… 

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Fall Harvest Squash Rice

butternut squash rice

Happy Autumn everyone!! I love this time of year for so many reasons. I love the crisp fall air and the surprise flashback to summer warm days. The leaves change their colors to magnificent reds, yellows, oranges and even purples. Even though I grew up in New England and have seen many fall seasons, the… 

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WOW: Day lilies


You know summer is in full swing when you see drifts of day lilies gently waving to you from roadsides and front yards everywhere. Their short-lived blossoms (each flower lives only for a day, hence the name, tho each stalk has several buds waiting for their turn to shine) serve as a reminder for me… 

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patriotic shortcake


The kids voted for which red-white-and blue dessert we would make as part of our Fourth of July festivities this year — smoothie parfait with a blueberry level, coconut milk yogurt level and sour cherry or raspberry level; blueberry shortcake with raspberries, or something along the lines of Sabrina’s Berries ‘n Cream. As you can… 

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Berries ‘N Cream


Happy Fourth of July!! Today is a day of red, white and blue and celebration of America’s independence. Happy Birthday America! We were headed to a family gathering by the lake to have a cookout, swim and celebrate the fourth. While everyone else was planning on grilling I wanted to make sure we could join… 

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